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Recent PeopleSoft Projects

As an Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer for the University of Central Florida, I try to be involved in projects that greatly extend the functionality of PeopleSoft. Recently we’ve gone live with several new applications that have completely automated existing business processes saving time and most importantly money—which is especially true in an era of budget cuts and economic turmoil.

1. Intent to Graduate

This application allows students to file their intent to graduate online through the MyUCF portal. It utilizes work flow to manage and assign specific tasks to users in different departments during the entire ITG approval process. Once the final approval is complete, the student is awarded his/her degree.

2. Online Transcript Request

This project was fascinating to me because it was the first time working with web services as part of Integration Broker. This application gives students the ability to order their transcripts online through the portal where in the past students must submit a paper form and each transcript is processed manually. This new automation utilizes WSDLs from FedEx to automate the printing of shipping labels as well as integrates with an online payment gateway to allow for convenient payment methods.

As new projects are unveiled, I’ll plan to publish a quick blurb about them so my readers can know what I actually do here, but mostly because I will forget about them as not only do I have a terrible memory, but because I am constantly moving on to the next new and exciting thing to come my way =).

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